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Dover, Arkansas, is a town of about 1,500 people who are deeply steeped in their Ozark History. Dover has strong schools and strong churches. It is rooted in basic America values of honest work and honest pay. Dover census data showed a population of 1340 in 2003. The 2000 Census shows 1329 persons living within the city limits in 329 households. The average household size is 2.5 persons, different from the family structure of large families that would have typifiied familes of 1900. The people of the Dover area have roots in Germany, Holland, Pland, Ireland, Switzerland, Ukraine, native America, and England. 

Board Members and Terms

Pat Bocksnick                2017

Sandra Drittler               2017

Marion Helton                2017

Pat McAlister                  2017

Van Tyson                      2017

Richard Harmon            2018

Pat Johnson                   2018

Randy LaMar                  2018

Lisa Smith                       2018

Joyce Helton                   2018

Pam Barton                     2019 

Josh Daniels                    2019

Dr. Nathan Henderson   2019  

Eunice LaMar                  2019  

Bradley Nelson                2019  

2018 Chamber Officers

President                Pat Johnson

      Vice President        Randy LaMar    

       Secretary                 Bradley Nelson  

                       Treasurer                Regina Kilgore                  

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Meeting Time & Place

The Dover Area Chamber of Commerce meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Dover City Hall  8904 Market Street Dover,Arkansas

Dover Area Chamber of Commerce

(479) 331-3270